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The GenerateDocumentation Task uses sandcastle to generate documentation from assemblies and the xml comments file.

Example Usage:
	<GenerateDocumentation SandcastlePath="C:\Program Files\Sandcastle" HelpName="MSBuild.Extended.Tasks"
		OutputPath="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\Help" Assemblies="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\Test.dll"
		XmlDocumentationFiles="@(DocFiles)" BuildCHM="True"
		FileNameStyle="Friendly" /> 

Attribute Description Required Type Direction
SandcastlePath The install path of Sandcastle True String Input
FileNameStyle The type of file names to use. False FileNameStyle Input
DocumentStyle The document stlye to use. False DocumentStyle Input
PresentationType The presentation style to use. False PresentationType Input
HelpName The name of the compiled help file without an extension True String Input
OutputPath Path where to build the documentation to. True String Input
HtmlHelpCompilerBinPath Path to the Html Help Compiler False String Input
HXCompilerBinPath Path to the HX Help Compiler False String Input
BuildCHM Indicates if a CHM file should be built. (default:True) False Boolean Input
BuildHxS Indicates if HxS help file should be built. (default:False) False Boolean Input
Dependencies Array of dependencies. False String Input
Assemblies Array of assemblies True String Input
XmlDocumentationFiles Array of xml documentation files. True String Input
CleanUpDocumentationFiles Will clean up any files generated by or for Sandcastle after complete. False Boolean Input
DeleteHtml If true, the generated Html will be deleted after documentation generation. False Boolean Input
UseCodeSyntaxHighlighterComponent Use the CodeSyntaxHighlighterComponent component when build documentation. False Boolean Input
GenerateHtmlToc If true, a TOC will be created, but not added to compiled docs. This is a html toc to allow navigation through the docs via a web broweser. False Boolean Input
ReflectionToHtmlTocTransform Path to the Html TOC Xsl file. False String Input

  • FileNameStyle
    • Friendly
    • Guid
  • PresentationType
    • Prototype
    • VS2005
  • DocumentStyle
    • Standard
    • VisualStudio

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